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Allergy testing

Animal allergy testing

What is Allergy?

Allergy is a disease in which the immune system reacts abnormally to everyday substances such as pollens, animal danders, mold spores, mites, certain foods, and chemicals. All of these allergic reactions are unpleasant, some are serious, and few can be fatal. The offensive substances causing allergies are known as allergens. An allergic reaction may be caused by inhaling or ingesting the allergen or may be the result of direct contact with the allergen.

When to bring your pets in to see their doctor?

Common signs of allergy:

• Generalized Scratching
• Chewing on Paws
• Face Rubbing
• Hair Loss or Thinning Hair
• Small, Reddened Crusts or Scabs
• Changes in Animal’s Behavior

The best way to diagnose the type of allergy is to do a region specific blood test. After the full understanding of the condition can be formulated a treatment that best fits your pet needs.

Treating the allergy there are several tools available, like allergy avoidance (if possible), botanical extract or different kind of allergy medications and injections depending of the severity of the condition.

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