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Pet dental care

Proper dental care is essential to the health.... You can save problems and time...

Proper dental care is essential to the health of people and pets alike. This is why our hospital provides for your pet’s dental needs. Our doctors thoroughly examine the teeth and oral cavity for any problems and uses our hi-tech ultrasonic scaling, polishing, and all the latest dental equipment to solve any problems. Whether it may be a prescription diet to slow tartar formation, at-home brushings or dental sealants, we can help you maintain your pet’s oral and general health.


Maintaining good oral health can add years to your pet's life and can make their later years more comfortable and happy. The following are signs and symptoms of poor oral health:

• Persistent Bad Breath
• Sensitivity Around the Mouth
• Pawing at the Mouth
• Loss of Appetite
• Plaque (Often Not Visible Unless Stained)
• Bleeding, Inflamed, or Receding Gums
• Tartar (Creamy Brown, Hard Material)
• Loose or Missing Teeth
• Difficulty Eating or Chewing Food

Bacteria associated with periodontal disease may damage the kidneys, liver, and heart.

Daily brushing and professional dental care at regular intervals help promotes oral health and longevity.

During an annual visit, the doctor will examine your pet's mouth for signs of early gum disease and point out areas of tartar build-up or decay. If you notice any of the warning signs listed above, do not wait for the next annual visit. Call our office and set up an appointment today.

Dental Equipment

Animal dentistry equipment

Staying in tune with our state of the art facility, we offer nothing but the best when it comes to your pet’s oral health. By using a high speed ultrasonic scaler, tartar and plaque is quickly and efficiently removed from your pet’s teeth. Our scaler is equipped with multiple attachments that allow us to clean between the teeth as well as above and below the gum line where plaque may hide. We then polish all surfaces of the teeth. To increase time between dental cleanings, we can seal the tooth surface and dispense weekly preventative to help control plaque buildup. Our main goal is to use the best tools possible to clean your pet’s teeth while minimizing the time spent under general anesthesia.

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