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Physical Examination

Since your furry friend ages up to seven times faster than you regular exams are one of the most important things you can do to maintain your pet’s health. Our doctors on staff will review your pet’s history, perform a thorough head to tail examination, and make recommendations on the continued wellness of your pet. Annual care and exams can help detect problems early, improving the health and prolonging the life of your pet.

At any point pets can become ill and require assistance. We strive to provide the very best care for your pet by listening carefully to you and performing a thorough physical exam. Our Doctors use state of the art diagnostics when needed, and the latest information and medications to get your pet back to feeling better in the shortest time possible.

Annual Wellness Examinations

Our pet’s age five to seven years for every one of ours, making yearly physicals even more necessary than our own. Therefore our veterinarians strongly recommend annual wellness examinations to ensure that your pet receives the best preventative medicine and that any problems with their health can be addressed early. Vaccinations will be customized to your pet's lifestyle.

While at your annual visit it is a good idea to ask about prevention against parasites. With so many parasites that would love to live inside your pet, keep them at bay with prevention. Getting the prevention of heartworm disease is real easy just a few drops of blood needed for the test and one pill a month to prevent this life threaten parasite from developing. Another way to test for more common parasites like Roundworm, hookworm, and even tapeworm is to have a fecal analysis. If your pet does of a parasite we will prescribed the medication for you and walk you thru it.

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